How to Survive as an Underclassmen

March 2, 2023

Hey everyone, my name is Aubree Pierce, I am a sophomore here at Northwest
Rankin High School, which makes me one of the very many underclassmen. High
School is a great place to figure out what you like and what interests you. Never be
afraid to try out new things and meet new people.

Take time to yourself and be yourself. Don’t define yourself or your worth on your
grades or how well you do in school. When school and keeping your grades up get
hard, take a deep breath and keep going. It is important to try your best when it comes
to your school work. Don’t start trying in school when you become a junior or senior,
start at the very beginning. Focus on things that are truly meaningful to you. Use your
high school years to experience the best times of your life. Don’t take anything for

Pick classes and clubs that interest ONLY you. Make sure to stay organized with
all your classes, know where they are and what they are about. Learn the school.
Always keep your work up to date. Make sure your work is always turned in on time for
a better grade, it’s better to turn in late work then no work at all. Connect with your

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