The Craziest Ice Cream Flavor I’ve Ever Tried

Oh My Gosh, look what’s back again— Kendall Konfection! Hello Foodies, I hope you all had a good Spring Break! If you remember last year, around this time I tried Van Leeuwen Ice Cream. If not, I tried the flavors Royal Wedding Cake, Planet Earth, and Kraft Mac n’ Cheese. Surprisingly the one that I liked the least was the Royal Wedding Cake. 

If you thought Mac n’ Cheese was crazy, imagine ranch ice cream. You read right, Van Leeuwen just recently released a Hidden Valley Ranch ice cream in collaboration with the brand. This is no April Fool’s joke. You can go to your local Walmart and pick up the flavor right now. Why did I decide to get this when I absolutely loathe buttermilk ranch? Purely just for curiosity. However, was this ice cream truly worth buying?

My initial thought was that it tasted like sweet carrots. It wasn’t too bad. Though the after taste was awful. It had a garlicky flavor. Honestly the combination of sweet ice cream and ranch was not ideal. I mean I didn’t exactly have high expectations for flavor, but I didn’t think it would be that bad. Some people have suggested getting carrots, chips, or pretzels to dip in the ice cream. They say that it is more enjoyable than just eating by itself. Which honestly sounds like a good idea. However, I think for ice cream, you shouldn’t have to do that. Ice cream should be able to taste good on its own. So for that reason, I am giving the Hidden Valley Ranch Ice Cream a 0/5.