Movie Review: Titanic


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Aubree Pierce, Writer

James Cameron’s movie Titanic is one of the top movies in the world, it is also one of the top watched movies in the world. It’s a romance movie with some action in it. A ship is on the search for the R.M.S Titanic, specifically to find a necklace from the time the ship was sailing, but they knew who to call to find it. Rose Dawson tells the ship members everything she remembers about when she was on the titanic. She tells the story of how she fell in love with a boy named Jack Dawson. They become inseparable after meeting. There are some conflicts that Jack and Rose fall into together in the movie. The ship ends up sinking and Jack dies for Rose, and she renames herself “Rose Dawson”, which was Jack’s last name. That’s how she ends up with that last name.

This movie is a romantic love story between two teens, and it’s just the type of movie I love to see. It kept me interested and on my feet the entire movie. It’s about a true historic time and shows details of how it actually happened. Although the Titanic is real and did indeed sink, Jack and Rose are fictional characters. Overall I rate this movie a solid 9/10. It was a fantastic movie to watch and I would definitely recommend it for anyone who loves romance. I would change nothing about this movie, they did a great job creating it. 

Overall rating: 9/10