New Teachers And Counselors (22-23)


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Malorie Aldrige 

Malorie Aldridge is one of the new teacher’s at NWRHS. She graduated from Mississippi College with a degree in Kinesiology. She teaches intro to World Geography, MS Studies, and is the assistant volleyball coach. This is Mrs. Aldridge’s 15th year in education. She enjoys sports, spending time with her family, and cheering on the Cougars. Mrs. Aldridge says, “I became a teacher and coach to help students gain confidence, knowledge and skills to become successful in school and throughout their careers.”

Madeleine Biddle

Madelaine Biddle is one of the new English teachers at NWRHS. She first graduated  from NWR in 2018 and later from the University of Mississippi. Her 5th grade English teacher, who sparked her love for reading, was the one to inspire her to teach.  She hopes to pay forward to the next generation of students. Some of her hobbies include reading and being active. Furthermore, she is excited to get to know each of her students’ personalities individually, as it adds fun to the classroom.

Amanda Brownlee 

Amanda Brownlee is the new Visual Art I teacher. As a former cougar, Brownlee is excited to be back. Brownlee graduated from the Mississippi University of Women, also known as “The W.” Though she is new to the Northwest, she has been teaching for five years. Before becoming a teacher, she was a graphic designer. She loves jigsaw puzzles and listening to music. Brownlee became a teacher because she remembers what it’s like to a teenager in high school. She feels like she has a lot of advice to share with her students.

Dana Brumfield

Dana Brumfield is one of the new choral teachers here at Northwest. She graduated from Mississippi College with a Bachelors of music education and Masters in choral conducting. She has been teaching for 22 years, and she was inspired to teach because she believes it to be her calling. She loves to color, read, play with her new grandbaby, and swim. Interestingly enough, she is also certified to teach water aerobics! She is most excited to get to know all the students better and see their talent progress throughout the year. Additionally, she would love students to know that despite her mean face, she’s actually incredibly approachable.

Christina Bryant

Christina Bryant is one of the new English ll teachers here at northwest. She graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in Dance/Theatre and English.  She adores reading, spending time with her family, and shopping.  Bryant loves to teach and she enjoys helping students foster a love for reading.This will be her 18th year of teaching English Language Arts. Being new to Mississippi, she wishes to get ingrained in the Northwest Rankin culture. Just recently Bryant moved from Texas, and she can’t wait to learn more about Mississippi.  One thing that she wants students to know about her is that she was on the dance team in college.

Staci Curry

Staci Curry is one of the new English teachers at the school. She teaches English 3, DC Comp 1, and Creative Writing. She graduated high school from Heidelberg and went on to Jones College for an associates degree. She got a bachelors at Mississippi University for Women, Mississippi State for her masters, and William Carey for Ed specialist. This is her first year back as an educator, but previously she had taught for 29 years. She loves reading, supporting NWR and her children, and running. She wanted to become a teacher to share her love of English with others. She is looking forward to a successful year and wants her students to know that she  is here to help.

Caleigh Haynes Hancock

Caleigh Hancock is the new English teacher here at Northwest. She is a graduate from Mississippi College where she got her undergraduate and master’s in English Education. Hancock is looking forward to making connections with her students and attending as many events as possible. She wants her students to know that she is truly their biggest fan!

Brian Harrington 

Brian Harrington is one of the newest additions to the counseling staff at NWRHS. Mr. Harrington graduated from Tougaloo as an undergraduate and got his masters in school counseling at MC. This is his 6th year in education. Mr. Harrington looks forward to building relationships with his students and helping them out in any way he can. Outside of school he plays the piano at his church, reads, and visiting coffee shops. Mr. Harrington says, “If I have coffee and a good playlist I can change the world.”

Marilyn Hebert

Marilyn Hebert is the new English I teacher, but she is not new to teaching. This will her 7th year teaching. She graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette as an undergraduate. At Ole Miss, Hebert received her masters and then went to William Carey to get specialized.  Hebert is also the new cheer coach this year and she is looking forward to being able to cheer on our teams and being successful in competitions.

Robin Hittle

This year will be Robin Hittle’s 22nd year of teaching! A fact about her is that she graduated from Mississippi College. Going to the beach and spending time with her grandkids is one of her favorite activities. Hittle loves discovering the wants and needs of her students and understanding how they learn best. She strives to see the best in all people and believes everyone has gifts and talents that they can use to benefit one another. This is why her favorite thing about Northwest is seeing people work together as a team.

Casey Hudson 

Casey Hudson is the new Freshmen Tutorial and English Inclusion here at Northwest. This is his first year teaching and he decided to become a teacher after working at the Frontiers after school program When Hudson is not teaching, he likes to play tennis and collect sports memorabilia.  He wants his students to know that if they ever need anything his door is open. 

Leslie Kirk

Leslie Kirk is one of the new counselors at Northwest. She graduated high school from Brandon High School. Kirk got her Bachelor’s Degree from University of MS Medical Center, and her Master’s Degree from Capella University. She is most looking forward to getting to know all the students at Northwest and aid them in the goals they have set for themselves. Additionally, some of her hobbies include reading,  spending with her husband and 3 children. If there is anything she would like students to know, it is that she is always keeping it real and willing to help in any way possible, even in simple ways like keeping candy in her office.

Nyana Marsh

Nyana Marsh is another spectacular addition to the counseling staff at Northwest  She is always aspiring to support people, especially all the students and organizations at NWRHS. In addition, people might be shocked to come to the realization that she is also an alumni from Northwest. After graduating from high school, she attended Hinds and Ole Miss to further her education. Initially she was a psychology major, but later found that counseling was her true calling. Marsh compelled to enter the profession by Beverly McClure. Thanks to her, Mrs. Marsh finds herself working here along side McClure. Outside of work, she enjoys gaming, painting, reading, and traveling.

Gary Mathews

Gary Mathews is new to Northwest, but he isn’t new to teaching. In fact, Mathews used to be a college professor. He decided to teach high school in order to have a change of pace. Mathews teaches English IV, Oral Communications, and Mock Trial. He enjoys doing anything outdoors, especially mountain biking and surfing. A fun fact about him is that he made an organic habitat for bees to help them thrive.

Hannah McCormick

Hannah McCormick is the new Health Science teacher. She teaches both sophomores and juniors. McCormick is a former cougar who got her nursing degree at Mississippi College. As a former student in the health science program, McCormick wants to be able to help others learn more about the health science field. She is really looking forward to having a great first year and being able to make long lasting connections.

Eli Morgan

Eli Morgan is one of the new art teachers here at Northwest Rankin High School. He graduated from Bruce High School in 2013, and then graduated from the University of Mississippi with a 2 bachelors degrees in Art and English Literature. He then graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with a masters in Education. This is going to be his third year as a teacher. As an art teacher, Morgan loves to revolve around art. He also enjoys being around nature.  He is looking forward to getting to know his students and doing really cool projects with them this year! Mr. Morgan is a third generation teacher. His mom and grandma were both educators as well.  They were his inspirations to become a teacher. One thing he would love for his students to know is that he is invested in environmental activism, so just instilling in his students to be responsible for the waste we create as people is really important for him.

 Damita Morgan 

Damita Morgan is one of the new teachers here at Northwest Rankin High School. She graduated from Murrah Highschool. She is an undergraduate from JSU and a graduate student from Belhaven University with a masters in education. This is her 16th year as an educator. Her reason for becoming an educator is her love and compassion for every child and having a purpose to teach and reach. She is very artistically inclined, and enjoys to cater and cook. Her end year goal is finish the year strong and team build with her colleagues. She would love for all her students to know that she is here to help mold minds and support  their educational futures.

Stacey Pollock

Stacey Pollock is the one of the new teachers here at NWRHS. She is teaching DC Comp 1 & 2 as well as AP Literature. She graduated high school Meridian High School, and  went on to the University of Mississippi. From there, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism and English. Pollock also graduated from Mississippi State University with a Masters of Arts and Teaching degree in Community College Education, English and Secondary Education, and English. Pollock has been teaching for 16 years. She has two children and she moved here last summer from Meridian. In her free time, she likes to play golf.