Homecoming Queen

Jae Darra McFarland is crowned NWRs 2022 Homecoming Queen

DeAisa Stewart

Jae Darra McFarland is crowned NWR’s 2022 Homecoming Queen

Ella MacGregor, Staff Writer

Congratulations to Jae McFarland who was crowned as our 2022 Homecoming Queen! When asked about the momentous occasion, Jae stated that she is incredibly grateful that she won the crown. Her sisters were maids and never won, so she feels she has won it for all three of them. “I felt like I had won a million dollars or something, and I honestly couldn’t believe it. I was so shocked. It felt great to know that my peers at school chose me as their representation. I’m beyond grateful to be blessed with the crown.”  Jae emphasized the value of Northwest Rankin to her, saying it means everything. She loves all her teachers, and the work faculty and staff do to make it great. She has such fond memories with friends and experiences she will never forget. Finally, Jae would like to extend her thanks to all who voted for her. She is so grateful for everyone here. The Homecoming Queen said that her future plans include pursuing a future career in healthcare as an OBGYN, and is wishing to attend Ole Miss in the fall. She loves giving back to the community. Jae would give a shoutout to Beyond Expectations in the Flowood. She advises that girls looking for formal dresses should check it out. “The owner is so sweet and helpful in finding the perfect dress for you.”