Crumble Cookie Review (10/3-10/7)

October 7, 2022

This week’s Crumbl Cookies consisted of the Chocolate Chip Cookie, Caramel Apple, Aggie Blue Mint, Pumpkin Roll,  Peanut butter M&M’s, and Classic pink Sugar. The Chocolate Chip Cookie is amazing as it always is.The chocolate melts in your mouth and it’s not too sweet.  The Caramel Apple cookie tastes really good. In my opinion it didn’t taste like caramel apple though. It’s just mainly a caramel cookie, but the granny smith apples with the cookie made it a little bitter. I don’t really like green apples, so I rate it a 3/5. The Aggie Blue Mint was one of my favorites. If you like mint and chocolate together then I recommend this one. The mint icing wasn’t overpowering at all. I give it a 5/5. The Pumpkin Roll was honestly my least favorite. I’m not a pumpkin fan at all and the after taste of the cookie wasn’t ideal. I give it a 1/5, but if you like pumpkin then you would like this cookie. As a peanut butter lover, I was excited to try the Peanut Butter M&M Cookie. It  tasted like a regular M&M cookie but just peanut butter inside of the M&M’s. I’d rate it a 4/5. The final cookie this week was the new recipe for the Classic Pink Sugar Cookie. In the old recipe, it was kind of bland and cheap. The new recipe is a great improvement.  I’d rate it a 4/5. 

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