Halloween Costume Ideas


Paige Cody on Unsplashed

Aubree Pierce, Sophomore Writer

Next week is the spookiest holiday of the year— Halloween! With Hallowen coming up around the corner and there are so many choices of what to dress up as this year. Here are some recommendations for costume ideas: 


80’s theme ideas: 

  • Neon colors
  • Head bands
  • Outgoing glasses
  • Bodysuits
  • Shimmery clothes
  • Disco themed
  • Tall socks 
  • Crazy/Puffy hair 



  • Black clothing 
  • Tall hats
  • Broom sticks 



  • Crazy puffy colored hair or wigs 
  • Red balloons 
  • Crazy face paint 
  • White clothing 
  • Big shoes 


Disney themed: 

  • Certain colors depending on who you are going to dress up as 
  • Disney princess: Dresses, Made-up hair, Heels, Side animal
  • Disney princes: Laid back hair, Dress up clothes, Nice shoes
  • Toy story: Cowboy themed, Hats, Boots, Blue jeans, Braids
  • Mickey mouse: Red, Black, Tails, Cute dresses or Cute shorts and T-shirts 


Animal prints: 

  • Cow Print: black and white shirts or clothing, black and white face paint, pink ears 
  • Lions: Tails, Orangish and Reddish clothing 
  • Giraffe: Orange and yellowish clothing, Circle print 
  • Cats: Neutral colors, Cat headband 
  • Dogs: Multi-colored, Big floppy ears, Tails


These are just some ideas for you to look at for this upcoming Halloween. Have fun and have a fantastic Halloween 22’.