Megana’s Book Club: We Were Liars


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Megana Vedala, Sophomore Writer

We Were Liars is a critically acclaimed psychological thriller written by E. Lockhart. Back when the book was released in 2014 it was popular, but the book’s publicity has skyrocketed this past year. Coincidentally, it was chosen as the school’s Book Club selection to read quite recently. Why is it so popular? I suspect a few reasons. 

The prose of the book is simplistic yet conveys important details. In most books, so little is said through a mass of multiple pages. In this book, much is said in a fewer amount of words, which makes it easily digestible and cultivates interest. There is also the fact that the author incorporates intricate metaphors into the story. Sometimes they can seem irrelevant, but tie together nicely later on. Of course, the story itself manages to capture one’s interest. I did not intend to finish the book, but the suspense and characters kept me going. It was worth it; everything was tied up nicely in the end, albeit the atmosphere being a bit somber. The reader is guaranteed to fall in love with at least one of the characters: Cady (the main character), Johnny, Mirren, and Gat. Even side characters- such as Cady’s grandfather- the rivalry between her mother and the aunts, Cady’s confusion about her love life, etc, bring about a phenomenal side plot and intensity to what is already happening. Through a sequence of flashbacks and Cady’s revelations about herself, the story warps into something completely bizarre, but as I said earlier, it all makes sense. Overall, it is an enjoyable read, and it’s understandable how widespread the book’s popularity is.