New Club to Promote Science to Younger Students


Alex Kondratiev on Unsplashed

Megana Vedala, Sophomore Writer

NWR Science Ambassadors is a new club here at Northwest. The club is here to promote active learning, science, and a passion for learning in elementary school.   In the club, members will travel to 5 elementary schools in the area and showcase scientific experiments, instilling excitement in the kids and hopefully inspiring them to become the world’s next generation of scientists. Leading the charge are presidents Sloan Berry and Joshua Bowman. With Chemistry and AP Chemistry teacher, Mrs. Gibson, as the sponsor. 


The start of this club came about due to a decline in enrollment into science courses at high school level. Which is now transferring over to the college level as well. Elementary schoolers receive very little science instruction each week, and therefore, deserve extra time to recognize the importance (and also enthusiasm) that science has in store. This club guarantees this and more for the eager elementary students. 


The Science Ambassadors welcomes anyone, regardless of their grade level or science course, into the club. If anyone is interested, the next meeting is on November 1st.