Kendall’s Konfections: Poké Stop Review

Kendall Grant, Editor

Hello foodies! I am back again with this year’s first edition of Kendall’s Konfections. Recently a place called the Poké Stop opened up. After looking at their menu I knew I had to try it. From bowls to nachos to shaved ice, this place has a lot to choose from. Since I am currently trying to build my spice tolerance, I decided to get The Feisty Hula (one of their signature bowls.) With a bowl, you get to pick your base and two proteins. You can either get one of their signature bowls or you can build your own. In my bowl, I chose brown rice as my base and cooked shrimp and crispy tofu. The toppings in The Feisty Hula include Red Onions, Jalapeños, Cilantro, Red Radish, Fried Shallots, Crispy Wontons, Crab Mix, and Wasabi Sesame all topped with Sweet Chili sauce.  Along with my bowl, I got the Taro Ube blended drink. I wanted to have something cool just in case I found my food too hot to handle. 

Within the first bite, I immediately felt the spiciness, so the drink came in handy. However, it was so spicy that I couldn’t finish it. The ingredients you could tell were fresh and went well together. The wonton chips added a nice crunch. The Taro Ube blended drink was sweet and reminded me of sweet cream ice cream. 

Overall the food and the drink were very delicious. Everyone there was nice. The person who took my order was really helpful and patient with me as he informed me more about the place and its menu. I will say the bowl and drink total cost me around $24. Though it is quite expensive, I will say that it is worth something healthy, fresh, and filling.   I give the Poké Stop a 5/5.