NWRHS Fall Fanfare

L. Donohue and Ella MacGregor

Northwest Rankin High’s Choral Music program treated the community to two nights of their Fall Fanfare. During these performances, the choral program showed a sample of all the ensembles it has to offer, and it even featured some solo performances as well! These solos were incredible and were performed by Clay Nelson, Jonathan Heintzelman, Morgan Templeton, Vaden Bennett, Ashton Bacon, and Charles Gillespie to name a few. Director Toney Keeler has done an amazing job organizing everything!

A personal favorite was an energized performance of Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” as well as a performance of Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” And of course, the crowd thoroughly enjoyed renditions of songs from Lin Manuel Miranda’s hit musical Hamilton.

The choral program was excited to introduce their Allure show choir, an all girls’ group under the direction of Kristy Brumfield.

The Northwest Rankin Middle School’s Reverb show choir made an appearance as well, proudly displaying their new and fresh talents!

All of the performers did a wonderful job, and Northwest is proud of their hard work and dedication.