Kendall’s Konfections: Wendy’s Review

November 18, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving my Foodies! As always I was scrolling through tik-tok, and I came across someone talking about new food being added to Wendy’s menu. At first, I thought this wasn’t real, so I went on their website and saw that it was in fact true! They have an Italian Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich and Burger, Garlic Fries, and a Peppermint frosty. All of it sounded pretty good, so I decided to give it a try. I got an Italian Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich (spicy), Garlic Fries, and a Peppermint frosty. I had some really high hopes, so let’s see if they meet my expectations. 


Italian Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich

The sandwich consisted of your choice of chicken— classic, spicy, or grilled— a mozzarella patty, asiago cheese, and marinara sauce all on a garlic knot bun. My overall impression of the burger was that I felt like it was “ok.” I couldn’t even bring myself to finish it all. It was dry, and I could barely taste the garlic knot bun. I will say that it was nice and fluffy. I thought that the mozzarella patty would be melted on the inside, but it wasn’t. It tasted like it had been left out causing the cheese to harden. The only thing that truly saved this sandwich was the chicken was juicy and had a nice kick to it. I give this sandwich a 1.5/5. I don’t plan on getting this again. 


Garlic Fries:

I love fries. I consider myself a fry aficionado, so I feel like I can judge whether a fry is good or not. These are the natural-cut fries, covered in their garlic and herb sauce. Unlike that sandwich, these fries did not let me down. They were nice and crispy. The sauce was all over the fries, so you could really taste it. I also added some garlic aioli I had at home for the extra garlic taste. You are definitely going to need some gum after eating these fries. The Garlic fries get a 5/5 for me. 


Peppermint Frosty:

It had been years since I had a frosty from Wendy’s, so I was pretty excited to hear they had a new flavor. I was a little disappointed that the peppermint flavor wasn’t as strong as I would have liked. I could tell it was there, but barely. As usual the frosty was creamy and delicious, but I felt like I could have just gotten a vanilla frosty instead. I give the frosty 2/5. 


Overall I was let down and I wasn’t too impressed with the majority of the items here. The only thing good was the fries. For me, this was a failure, and I’ll get a normal chicken sandwich the next time. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys the break and is relieved from all their stress. See you after the break!  


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