Canned Food Drive


Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash

Megana Vedala, Sophomore Writer

Just a few weeks ago, our school participated in the annual  canned food drive against Brandon.  The goal was to raise as many cans as possible for those in need. Classes and clubs also competed against each other for a chance to win a Chick-fil-A breakfast. Additionally, students did not need to primarily bring cans. They could bring in $1 which would take the place of 2 cans. Individual teachers offered different incentives to their classes for participation, or gathering up to a certain amount of cans. This could be a party, a free day, free food and treats, etc. It was, essentially, a friendly battle. As a school, NWRHS raised over 23,000 cans. Despite being a big drop from last year, the NWR zone managed to donate over 46,000 cans. Due to this, the Care Center won’t have to shop all year round for cans due to the Food Fight, in which over 180,000 cans were raised.  


In total, the freshman population stole the title for most collected cans, so a big congratulations to them. SGA, The Student Government Association, is the club that won; as for teachers, 1st place goes to Mrs. Perryman, 2nd J. Wallace, 3rd Mrs. Merchant, and fourth Riser. Freshman and SGA certainly enjoy their Chick-fil-A breakfast they received last week. 


Thank you and good job to everyone who contributed to the cause!