Thespians Presents “Babette’s Feast”


Lauren Ray

“Babette’s Feast” Cast

Ella MacGregor, Senior Writer

NWR Thespians worked hard and put on an amazing production of the play “Babette’s Feast” this month. Thespians introduced the play to the public the week of October 31st. Performances were held on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday of the following week. Fellow thespians of the club were encouraged to usher and the students that did had a blast!  Additionally, theatre had a few more performances during the school day, and if a student got a ticket they were allowed to leave class to see the play. Each thespian that was a part of the production were thrilled to showcase their talents. Upon preparing for the play, Makyla Fleming–Babette– when asked explained that at first she was nervous to play this character due to the heavy French accent, but she nailed it. It is so impressive how each student crafted a unique character for the role they had. Northwest is so proud.