Gifts For Your Enemies


Photo by Colin Lloyd on Unsplash

Ella MacGregor

PSA: Don’t give gifts with malicious intent. These are in jest; we do not condone giving any of these items as gifts! **except love, that’s allowed of course

Happy Holidays, everyone! Most people have a few people that they are not very fond of, so I took it upon myself to give a poll to the student body. I posed the question: 

“What would you gift your enemy for Christmas?” 

In my personal opinion, I would give my enemy a Goliath birdeater spider, which is essentially the largest spider in the world. It is practically a dog. I won’t show a real life picture of it (because arachnophobia), but you can imagine what it looks like. 

After polling several students, I gathered the following quotes. 

“A bag of candle wax too small enough to make a candle.” -Madison Stewart, junior

“I would be nice to my enemy lowkey. Stuffed animal of a villain; that’s your buddy.” -Madison Devaul, senior

**“Love because it’s Christmas time.” -Shelby Downs, senior

“A box of nails.” -Journee Lemon, senior

“A gift they already gave to me.” -Jack Taylor, senior

“A heart.” -Mia Gipson, junior