Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Van

Ella MacGregor, Senior Writer

Mr. Van has been a beloved teacher at Northwest for 9 and a half years, and January 20th is his last day here. Northwest has meant so much to him. He says it has been like a second family, and he has gotten super close to the people. It has been all he’s ever known as a professional, as this was his first job out of college. The people make the job because he has grown as a teacher and who he is, as well as feeling incredibly supported. Mr. Van will miss being able to interact with students and seeing his best friends every day. It has been wonderful knowing they are close whenever he needs them. His future plans are that he is going to be an academic adviser at the UMC Dental Center. They will be so lucky to have him! As a statement to his students Mr. Van says, “Thank you for making it a joy for coming to work, making me laugh, laughing at my corny jokes, and thank you for letting me share my love of French with you guys. I’ll miss you guys.”