Valentine’s Crushes

Ella MacGregor

PSA: I personally asked each person if they wished to remain anonymous or not!!

Valentine’s Day can be a difficult time for singles. Especially the people with crushes. But that’s okay! Just don’t take it too seriously and talk to your crushes like normal humans. They’d appreciate that I’m sure. 

Mrs Johnson on dating: People don’t know how to talk anymore. That’s the problem today; everyone’s all in their phones and computers.

I decided to take it upon myself and ask everyone the question: 

“What would you say to your crush?” 

“I’m very proud of you.” –anonymous

“I love you and I want the best for you.” –anonymous 

“I wouldn’t say anything.” –Sai, 12th

“Hey. That’s it.” –anonymous, 11th

“You’re my future.” –anonymous, 12th

“If I buy you flowers, will you be my valentine?” –Levionne Lindsey, 12th

“Hey.” –Mr. Keeler 

“You look nice.” –Kel Bowman, 12th

*bullies intensely* with hidden rizz –Remiah, 11th

“Stop showing hints if you’re not gonna do anything.” -anonymous, 10th

“You’re so cute, boy.” –Amaya, 12th

“You know I can give her the world if she want it. She got to want it.” –Justin, 11th

“How’s life?” –Aiden Nooe, 10th

“You’re crazy.” –anonymous, 12th

“Pick me, choose me, love me.” –anonymous, 12th” –Ella MacGregor, 12th *y’all better type that link in google, hint hint* *definitely not a threat*