The Perfect Movies to Watch This Valentine’s Day


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Karol LeBreton, Senior Writer

With Valentine’s Day approaching, here are some good movies to watch by yourself or with your Valentine. If you’re one of those people who like funny romantic movies, To All the Boys I’ve Ever Loved Before is the movie for you. Lara Jean is a junior in high school who has a really failed love life. Until her sister, Kitty, mailed her letters of all the people she’s ever loved. Five letters are mailed out and Peter gets one of those letters. Him and Lara Jean fake a relationship to get back at Peter’s ex who is Lara Jean’s ex best friend. Feelings are pretended at first until they really get feelings for each other. 

If you are looking for a sad movie, A Walk to Remember is the movie for you. Jamie is the daughter of a pastor and Landon is a popular boy at school. They fall in love because of a musical and surprises Jamie with dates. Sadly things aren’t always happy for them; Jammie tells Landon she has Leukemia and has limited time left. Landon surprises her by having the summer of their lifetime by completing things that are on her bucket list. 

My final Valentines Day movie is Tuck Everlasting. If you’re looking for a cute movie with a sad ending this is the one for you. Jesse Tuck is a boy who will live until the end of the world, and he meets Winnie Foster by trying to get a drink from the spring that gives eternal life. His brother Miles kidnaps Winnie and she learns the secret of the spring later on. Her family finds Winnie but Jesse and his family are at a huge risk from their secret going around. They leave town and Jesse tells Winnie to wait for him when he comes back.

An honorable mention is Lady and the Tramp, and it is perfect for everyone. Two dogs from two different worlds despite their differences fall in love. They go on a date together and eat spaghetti on their date.