What’s On Your Mind?


Photo by Julia M Cameron: https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-in-pink-and-yellow-crew-neck-t-shirt-holding-brown-notebook-4143801/

Ella MacGregor, Senior Writer

Hey everyone! When brainstorming ideas for this week’s article, I decided to ask everyone the question: 

“What’s on your mind?” 

I ended up with some pretty interesting answers. 

“Marvel.” -Mylah Smith, 12th

“E sports competition today, trying to get the kids ready for that. Using these kids as guinea pigs. One of them is good at adult ping pong.” *aka tennis* -Mr. White (adult ping pong comment literally sent me lol) 

“That government test.” -Nathan Winter, 12th

“Having fun with friends.” -Ceci Miceli, 11th

“I’m tired of painting cougars.” -entire art class

“Grading papers and world peace.” -Mrs. Curry

“Food.” -Gabe Hodges, 10th

“Crawfish.” -Seth Sweeney, 10th

“Sleep. Honestly though, thinking about going to six flags.” -Alex Smith, 10th

“How to answer my students’ questions.” -Mrs. Scruggs

“I am nervous as to how the year’s almost over.” -Mr. Inman

“Absolutely nothing. Head empty. No thoughts. (But also Hosa competition this weekend.)” -Kaydence Norman, 12th