Oreo Cookies-N-Creme Review

Kendall Grant, Editor

Hello foodies! Guess what? Oreo’s Cookie-N-Creme is finally here for a limited time.  It is the classic Oreo cookie stuffed with layers of the cookies and cream filling. It is called “The Most Oreo Oreo” for a reason. At first glance you can certainly tell the cookie can barely contain the creme filling. At the first bite, I was instantly reminded of  Sonic’s oreo cone. I absolutely loved the sweet treat back when it was a thing. I like the crunch that you get from the tiny cookie pieces in the creme. It was really good. However, it tastes better in a bowl of ice cream or a milkshake. It was super sweet as it had more filling than a double stuffed one.  So much so that the creme squishes out from the sides when you bite into it. I would definitely recommend this cookie to all the Oreo fanatics out there. Next time pick up some ice cream, I would go pick these up to mix in. I give The Most Oreo Oreo a 5/5.