Opinion: Which Karate Kid Movie Was Better?


Photo by Snapwire: https://www.pexels.com/photo/2-people-doing-karate-during-sunset-62376/

Aubree Pierce, Writer

Karate kid is one of the best movies ever made. Karate kid is about a teenage boy named Daniel who moves to a new town and gets bullied by students at his new school. He then meets a repairman who happens to know karate. Mr. Miyagi (the repairmen), teaches Daniel karate to help him defend himself against the bullies and then performs professionally in a competition against other dojos. In my opinion, the 1984 film (Ralph Macchio), is the best karate kid movie of all time. I think it’s the best of the two because it’s the original. Nothing can beat the original. Although Jaden Smith’s Karate Kid film was good, Ralph Macchio’s film was better in my opinion. 

In Ralph Macchio’s film, he was named Daniel Larrusso, but in Jaden Smith’s film, he was named Dre Parker. Daniel was moved to a new state in the United States, though Dre Parker was moved to china because his mom was offered a new job. 

I think Ralph Macchio’s film just has more charm to it. It’s the very first Karate Kid movie to come out. So, I personally think that Ralph Macchio’s Karate Kid film was the best. Which karate kid movie do you think is the best?